Our Child Support Specialists believe that you deserve a fair child support order which allows you to provide for yourself as well as your children. If you feel like you are being unfairly treated by the child support system and its laws, you owe it to yourself to take control and learn more about your rights as a non-custodial parent. The How to Lower Child Support Workbook is full of useful information that will help you navigate the current system and use it to your advantage. Included is step by step instruction on how to apply for a modification to reduce child support payments.


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Child Support / Modification Information for Fathers and Non-Custodial Parents

Matthews & Associates have been helping non-custodial parents for nearly a decade learn to modify their child support order and reduce their payments by as much as 55%! Through our child support reduction program you will learn the process we use to lower child support payments pro se. Everything in this child support modification program developed by our Senior Child Support Specialist shows you the step-by-step methods used to modify your current child support order and reduce your monthly child support payments.

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To be quite honest many fathers and non-custodial parents will likely suffer from some type of unforseen circumstance like a job loss, long and short term medical problems, major disability, or any number of problems or issuses while paying their child support. Because of this they will aquire arrears, which is child support that has not been payed to the custodial parent during a certain period. By preparing yourself now, you you will be better suited to jump on these problems if and when they do arise in the future. We do not condone the beat the system attitude held by many others in the business. We believe that children do deserve financial care and our main purpose is to help those who want to learn more about the laws, reduce or lower payments, apply for a child support modification. The fact of the matter is not everyone that tries to reduce their court ordered payments will succeed. Only by being properly prepared with solid information about the laws, filing the proper paperwork for a child support modification, and by using proven strategies to reduce payments, are your chances for failure significantly lowered.

Matthews & Associates is dedicated to helping you learn more on reducing child support through the How to Lower Child Support Workbook for Fathers. Your rights are important to us and we feel that the system should never take advantage of unknowing fathers. We walk you through the automatic 3 year review, petitioning the court, reducing arrearages, along with much more on reducing child support payments. Matthews & Associates gives you the tools needed to properly have your payments reduced to a fair amount that allows you to concentrate on life and not just child support payments.

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